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Celebrating Faith in Action stalls!

On Thursday, 6th June between 11am and 3pm faith groups and faith inspired community services and social action projects will be sharing with the citizens of Brighton and Hove their “Faith in Action”!

From food-banks, lunch and afternoon social clubs, arts and crafts, homeless and befriending services, partnerships with statutory and voluntary sector agencies, the faith community in Brighton & Hove provides an invaluable service to the citizens of our city.

In previous years these events have taken place in diverse locations, from the Brighton Centre, St Peter’s York Place and Hove Town Hall. Members of the public have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the great variety of community and social action projects inspired by people of faith around the city.

Following on the success of previous events, the 2019 Celebrating Faith in Action event will take place at Brighton’s iconic “Open Market” off London Road. Bringing the event to “where the people are” within the context of everyday life, just as the projects inspired by faith do serving the citizens of Brighton & Hove.

Faith groups and faith inspired community and social action projects are expressly invited to reserve a FREE stall to display information about their project and raise awareness of their work and the difference it makes to the lives of our city’s citizens. Stalls are permitted and encouraged to sell items or seek donations to raise funds. To express interest in having a stall, just fill in the form below!


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