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Faith Hustings GE2019 success!

Over one hundred people gathered in the Ajex Hall of the Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue yesterday evening for our Faith Hustings GE2019! Chaired by Community Works CEO, Jessica Sumner the eleven panellists of politicians, parliamentary candidates for the local constituencies of Hove & Portslade, Kemptown & Peacehaven and faith leaders answered a variety of questions from the audience with approximately one hundred and fifty viewers online watching the Facebook Live Stream.

The Panellists

Chair of the discussion, Jessica Sumner (CEO, Community Works)

Parliamentary Candidates:

together with local Faith leaders:

The discussion

From changes to abortion law in the Labour manifesto, antisemitism and Islamophobia, global Christian genocide, through homelessness and freedom of religious expression, the panelists answered a variety of questions from both audience and faith leaders. The whole was conducted in a respectful if sometimes passionate fashion!

It was agreed at the end of the evening that another event in March would be arranged to see who had won and what progress they had made in their pledges to the audience!

Thanks was offered to Rabbi Andrea Zanardo and the congregation of the Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue for so graciously hosting the event and Jessica Sumner for so ably chairing the proceedings. Thanks was also offered to all the candidates for their time and contribution and to the audience too for their attendance and participation.


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