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Faith Council

The purpose of the Brighton and Hove Faith Council, formerly known as the Faith Partnership, is to provide a platform for cross-faith partnership working and interfaith dialogue.

All faith groups in the city are invited to attend the bi-monthly meeting where we receive updates from multi and interfaith groups such as:

  • Brighton and Hove Faith in Action
  • Interfaith Contact Group
  • Brighton and Hove Health and Social Care Faith Forum

A theme is selected for each meeting and faith groups that deliver social welfare or community building services (such as food banks, youth clubs, homelessness or mental health services) showcase their work and try to find ways where they can work more closely and effectively with other faith groups.

The BHFA manages the Faith Council on behalf of Community Works with Rik Child as Chair and Lev Eakins as Secretary.

If you have any enquires, such as the date and theme of the next meeting, please get in touch with us!

The Faith Council does its best to invite all faith groups in the city to the Faith Council meetings. If you haven’t received an invitation, please get in touch so we can add your email address to our list.

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